A fable-like thriller in the spirit of 'PAN'S LABYRINTH' and 'BEASTS OF THE SOUTHERN WILD', 'AMERICAN CHEESE' is a mind-bending tale about the consequences of buried guilt, a seared conscience and the winding road to redemption.

Set against a dystopian, small town America, two parallel journeys commence as a lonely, middle-aged college professor unravels the thread to an ancient map to a temple of miracles and sets off on a mystical odyssey determined to acquire healing for a dying little girl. Meanwhile, a young boy flees his home from the scene of a horrific and bloody crime scene.

As the two separate pilgrimages unfold, they seem to become inextricably linked and the line between mystical and reality becomes blurred. Spiritual prophets and strange phenomena abound as both characters discover that whatever it is they share in common hides deep beneath the dark secrets revolving around the little girl on her deathbed.

The short film 'AMERICAN CHEESE' is a brief glimpse into the life of Richard Johnston, a lonely, middle-aged man, who makes a radical discovery that could heal millions from disease. His pursuit of this discovery quickly throws him down a path, sprawling toward madness.

• 3.15.13
Filmmaker Zac Page's script for Director Andy Fortenbacher's Columbia MFA short film The Painter and the Wife has been awarded 'Best Screenplay' at the Southern California Business Film Festival! Follow the links for more information:
SCBFF - Official Website
The Painter and the Wife - Official Website

• 3.28.13
Page's feature-film debut Burst Theory will be presented for general consideration at this year's Film-Com conference in Nashville, TN. More news to follow!
Film-Com - Official Website
Burst Theory - Official Website